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GREKOHOME is fully prepared to help you acquire the necessary Energy Performance Certificates (“Π.Ε.Α.”). Issuing  the “Π.Ε.Α.” Certificates is a mandatory prerequisite for the construction or renovation of any building, or part of it, for any act of buying or selling real estate. Since 2016, issuing a “Π.Ε.Α.” certificate is needed prior to advertising a building, making it absolutely necessary.

The necessity of issuing “Π.Ε.Α.” certificates holds true for all sales, rental and any real estate purchasing of buildings and segments of buildings. The only exceptions to this rule are warehouses and parking spots. If you wish, we can professionally be responsible for its issuance.

The purpose of the Energy Performance Certificate (“Π.Ε.Α.”) is the reduction of the energy consumption of real estate. Simultaneously, it expresses the energy classification of every building and offers suggestions to the owner to ameliorate the building’s energy consumption.

GREKOHOME can assist you in identifying an energy inspector. This energy inspector comprises a primary factor in issuing “Π.Ε.Α.” certificates, since he is the individual conducting the energy inspection. His professional identity is usually in the field of architecture or engineering, who are listed in the Registry of Energy Inspectors. The cost for this service depends on the size of the real estate and is negotiable with the inspector.

The “Π.Ε.Α.” certificates will be in order for ten years following their issuance, unless major renovations occur.