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Many foreign owners of Greek real estate face a number of difficulties that arise in the first year of moving in Greece. Most often they are connected with public services and bills that should be paid for:

– light

– water

– heating

– phone

– internet service.

GREKOHOME will help you identify quality service providers that offer the best prices, accompany you to any necessary government service and help you understand the system of paying bills.

After receiving certified authorization, we will be capable of representing you in any state institution, such as D.E.I. ( Public Power Corporation S.A.), OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.) etc. For assistance with any other state institution, do not hesitate to inquire, to be fully informed about issues relevant to reconnecting.

For example, GREKOHOME can help with any issues pertinent to  D.E.I. ( Public Power Corporation S.A.): set up a Prepaid Bill Plan, see if you qualify for a 15% Discount, changing of name (signature of Contract), changing Supplier, Disconnection of power supply due to relocation, your Bills and Charges, Special Tariffs (defined by the State) and any Technical Issues referring to Network (HEDNO S.A.).

Everything about EYATH S.A., from Pricing Policy (Household tariff, Social tariff, Other consumer categories, Sewer charges, Fixed charges, Water meter maintenance and replacement charges), the necessary paperwork, and debt repayment schemes.

Through OTE and COSMOTE, GREKOHOME can easily bring its customers with the appropriate network providers, for both phone connections and cell service.