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Our consulting team operates following a phone-call, and will guide you step by step, by combining all the useful information and necessary services. Our consulting support operates similarly for the owners of any type of real estate, as well as those interested in buying or renting.

We offer full support for the needs of any type of transaction (purchase, sale and rental). We methodically analyze the data and the potential of the parties in transaction for the best possible result.

GREKOHOME’s purpose is the provision of services, the operation and function of support services. The provision of Consultants, the organization and all issues relevant to the completion of the procedure of the transaction comprise the sum of all the services we offer. Simultaneously, we are catalysts for the swift coordination of each activity.

A title that could easily define GREKOHOME for its clients is that of the mediator, due to the key role we play in materializing the organized plan.

From the very start, throughout the process and until the end of the transactional procedure, we can aid with our Consultants. GREKOHOME functions as your assistant. Please call us for additional information, or inquire about our services via email: info.grekohome@gmail.com

Your satisfaction in regard to the part of the services we provide is our primary goal.