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GREKOHOME offers multiple options in legal experts and lawyers with field experience in real estate, notaries in the realm of property management, among others. These lawyers and legal experts can provide their help, utilizing their knowledge of Greek, European and Soviet Law.  

The experience of the legal members of our catalog will make things easier for you, by yielding services, organizing them and taking charge in whatever pertains to the transactional activity.

GREKOHOME can also direct you to the appropriate individuals if you are seeking to proceed with arbitration. Arbitration constitutes an intelligent way of resolving problems, whether they could have been predicted or were not anticipated. It provides a less costly solution to extensive legal battles and the lawyer’s fees attached to them, by introducing a third party as the Arbitrator, who will mediate the occurring conflict.

GREKOHOME Consultants will offer guidance and help you confront any legal situation with the minimum possible cost. We will fully inform you about every step of the process, preparing all contracts and relevant documents.

The legal experts in our catalog will validate the legality of the transaction, the provision of all necessary documentation and the full support you will need through the process. The legal experts will be your proxy in the land registry and the cadastre.

The involvement of our Consultants for the provision of information, represents our deep interest in best serving our clients.