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Depending on the case, the legalization of a translation may require the validation by a lawyer or a law firm of an Apostille stamp or the validation by diplomatic authorities abroad (embassy or consulate). The Seal of the Hague is set by the Competent Authority in administrative documents of Public Civil Service, Legal Entities of Public Law, Local Government Bodies of First Degree and Registrars. Non-political documents such as military, ecclesiastical and police documents (Nos 34193 / 14-6-1988, Ministry of the Interior document) are also administratively understood.

Validation in official translations by a consulate or embassy can only take place if the translation has been carried out by a recognized translator who has passed the relevant language examinations at the Consulate-General.

For certified translations, we work with lawyers as well as certified translators who have been licensed to carry out certified translations. Even today there is a lot of people who believe that the only translations that have been certified are the translations that the Foreign Ministry has drafted, this is far from reality. Referring to the Foreign Ministry’s translation service means that it is in a position to wait a long wait, because the whole process is very time consuming.

In GREKOHOME, we respect every peculiarity of each language and terminology. We satisfy every desire and we can meet all your linguistic requirements. We have professional translators for over 30 languages. We evaluate your needs and give you the best possible result.

For validations and validated translations, we work with Lawyers. We can serve you at our office, located on 51, Egnatia Street, in the city center. Received certified translations can be received from our office or we can pick them up and send them to you via courier services from Thessaloniki.