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GREKOHOME salaries experts with extensive experience, to renovate your space the way that you desire. Starting from your professional space, and moving forward to your private (home, country residence etc), there are no limitations to your choices.

Renovating a home or office/ store is a necessary part of the dynamic nature of real estate: your needs keep changing, and it is ideal that your spaces reflect those changes. For a store, a renovation offers a breath of fresh air for the business, inviting new clientele and their continued satisfaction.

We also offer technical services for repairs, architectural services and decorating consultations, both for interiors and exteriors. Providing a wide range of partners in a plethora of aesthetics and styles, we present you with options, you choose based on your taste.

GREKOHOME provides its clients services of experienced builders in the field of cosmetic and capital repairs in Greece, such as the leveling, puttying and painting of walls and ceilings, the primary installation of floor coverings, windows and doors, and even redevelopment. We can also direct you to the appropriate professionals who will take care of the replacement or primary installation of sanitary equipment.

It is important to state that taking some actions every few years is vital to maintain the value of the real estate and to prevent potential damages or problems that experts can predict. Especially when it pertains to estate that we are intending to make available for sale or rental, it is ideal to actively pursue their modernization, with high quality materials. Sometimes, of course, all the changes that are needed are of a decorative nature, a matter of style.